Ugg boots only worn in winter

People around the world is crazy buying boots for winter. Is it really necessary that people buy into the boots, they are really warm and comfortable, no matter if they are in polar snow all winter and the temperate zone that time is greater than 1 degree Celsius, boots can keep feet warm and dry without snow or water.

different counties need different boots for winter. In some countries like England, Australia, America, to 6 inches of snow, the need Timberland UGG boots or to spend the winter. But elsewhere in China, Africa, the time is greater than 1 degrees Celsius, the rare snow and people can wear leather boots and high heeled boots, without worrying about walking in the snow. It would be impossible in countries where it snowed, Ugg boots in the snow is different, do not say high-heeled boots, which can fall and get hurt. However, this may change, because fashion has changed. Is visible in Ugg boots.

During the First World War was a custom among the drivers to use a particular type of wool lined ugg boots called GUB. Farmers surfers in Australia were known for wearing these boots and used them to warm their feet after they came to surf. Several Australian companies are making these boots and call them sheepskin boots, Australian UGG while the term has been collected and patented by a U.S.
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